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Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University was founded in 1960 for International Business Management Education. It is the only college in the East China Foreign Economic and Trade area that is well-known for its history and tradition.

Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University was established in the International Metropolis of Shanghai with a total of 12,000 students enrolled, including International Students, with more than 2,000 students from more than 110 countries now.

Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University's Department of basic education curriculum has a wide range of rich educational experiences in the field of economic management. With Industrial and Commercial Administration Departments, as curriculum and faculty members, they are on the same level as, 'National Level'. In an environment like this, Global Vision and International Business Management, the University of Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade, with Business Management skills, aims at developing a very talented human resource.

It also provides a high level of curriculum and learning environment in a variety of scholarships installed after graduating from the Convention businessmen GO China, global business developing universities boast more than 95% of the annual average employment and support local work that is available at FESCO.

The Convention of PIC and Shanghai Foreign Degrees pair in the occasion of the University is going to conduct a lively interchange of human and cultural exchanges and research activities, educational programs and information. PIC and Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade University, through this program, will do its best to foster the professional and creative talents with a global perspective, employment, and entrepreneurship skills through cultural experiences that are both English and Chinese.


suibe1School Features

  • Dedicated for 54 years of foreign trade and economic cooperation towards higher education
  • With excellent faculty-Professor, national-level industrial & commercial management team, internationaly renowned University Faculty

  • Emphasize cultural business communication and management skills.
  • Wide range of international exchange and open learning opportunities for international students.
  • Employment-oriented and professional for the development of precise position.
  • Provide a platform for a variety of global student activities.

Faculty in Charge

headFacultyProfessor Kim, Young Sil

  • 1988. 7 China Mudanjiang Medical College Bachelor
  • 2003. 7 China Peking University Graduate School
  • 2012. 7 China Shanghai Normal University graduate
  • Former Physician
  • Former Professor, Department of Shenzhen University of foreign China
  • Former Professor of foreign Korean-Chinese and Shanghai Normal University
  • Professor of China Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Current PIC professor