BA Applied Music

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The B.A. in Music with Applied Emphasis appeals to students seeking a liberal arts degree that includes both academic rigor in music as well as applied study and ensemble experiences. The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music Program is a requirement of all music majors, and included in the curriculum of many performing arts courses of study. This degree affords students the opportunity to hone performance skills and gain an increased knowledge of applied pedagogy. This emphasis does require a School of Music entrance audition.

Students will be electronically involved in a main stage production which requires vocal or instrumental performance during the intended semester of study.

Students will use the final two years of their undergraduate experience to explore courses that complement their music studies, preparing them for a range of career options, such as:

  • Private teaching/Studio development
  • Freelance performance
  • Band leader/Contractor
  • Audio/MIDI recording and editing
  • Web Commerce
  • Nonprofit arts management
  • Promotion/Public relations
  • Special events coordinator
  • Music publishing
  • Artist relations
  • Recruiting/Outreach coordinator

Other students would be pursuing a classic liberal arts degree with a music emphasis, preparing for a variety of graduate schools and career options.