BA English

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The English program provides a comprehensive study of the English language and literature. It also includes speech analysis and speech writing. The major program focuses on the appreciation of truth, beauty, and refinements through contact with the classical as well as modern ideas and personalities in literature.



  • competent, versatile, knowledgeable, gender sensitive and environmentally conscious students, equipped with literary and artistic skills, and a broad humanistic outlook on life.
  • Increases the capability of the students to pass professional and licensure examinations and prepare for gainful employment where their training is maximized.
  • Inculcate in the students positive attitude and desirable values to become role models in the community.
  • Develop and evolve new areas of specification that call for the needs of the time.
  • Upgrade the quality of instructions in processes that will enhance the teaching/learning atmosphere.
  • Provide Search scholarships programs, grants, and training for the faculty, so as to promote professionalism and competence.
  • Encourage researchers toward theory- building and information technology.
  • Strengthen community outreach programs by identifying clientele's needs and priorities.
  • Forge links with all sectors of society, with the hope of promoting a civil, productive, and involved citizenry.
  • Undertake relevant extension service through the conduct of continuing and non-formal education program.
  • Spearhead curriculum changes to meet the changing needs of dynamic society.