General Education

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PIC's General Education program is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge through critical information gathering, including reading and listening, computer-assisted researching, and scientific experimentation and observation.

Courses within the structure of General Education become an integral part of the overall educational experience. These courses may be relevant to a major or to an individual's interests.
The course selections are designed to provide students with a well-rounded academic experience within an integrated curriculum that allows for individual flexibility.
The Bachelor of General Education degree program is offered to maximize opportunities for individuals to reach personal goals, meet job requirements, and advance their careers. The purpose of the degree is to meet the needs of undergraduates who wish to tailor their own degree program to meet their specific educational and career needs. Skills include the ability to reason logically and quantitatively and to communicate effectively; an understanding of the sciences that makes sense of the natural environment; a familiarity with the cultural movements that have shaped societies and their values; and an appreciation for the enduring arts that express, inspire, and continually change these values. General Education, in essence, augments and rounds out the specialized training students receive in their majors and aims to cultivate a knowledgeable, informed, literate human being.