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Having a degree in this era is very important, because of this, there are many people who want to attend college. Some people might even consider attending college abroad! Unfortunately, the pressure of expenses discourages many citizens to even think about it. However, depending on how the students are motivated and guided, having a degree, could decide their future.

What if we could give you a chance to receive the same high quality education abroad, but for a reasonable tuition fee, in the comforts of your own home? What if we could also offer you an opportunity to travel and study in a different country? Would you take it?

In this generation where technology is used every day, Pacific InterContinental College USA-Philippines offers you the same high quality education abroad, Online! And while studying in PIC, we give you the opportunity to continue your studies utilizing, On-Campus based programs in one of the top postgraduate schools in Korea, China, Philippines and the USA!

PIC is composed of groups of educational experts from famous colleges, former overseas Ambassadors, Congressmen, trusted Allied Universities, Immigration Attorneys, and Deans. These people can help guide our students to think about their future and how our programs can change their lives.

If you can place your trust in us and join the PIC-SUIBE Online/Offline joint degree program, (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics), we can assure you that you'll not only master both English and Chinese, nominally and virtually, but you'll also be a stronger person with a global perspective on things

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