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2017 PIC International Academic Conference and Commencement Ceremony

Pacific InterContinental College (PIC), with official website is local Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the Philippines with Government Recognition (GR) for BS, MA and Ph.D programs issued by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) via Transnational Education and a regular program via CHED-NCR. Also, PIC has a license to operate post-secondary educational institution via web base by USA Government.

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Last February 25, 2017 PIC hold an International Academic Conference and Commencement Ceremony(IAC&CC) in Acacia Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa. It was participated by many PIC students coming from various countries. Academic Conference guest speaker Dr. Florante Marmeto who give lecture on “Leading from Within” to all the seminar attendees. There was an Art Exhibition and SNPE performance which performed by Korean Students during the event.

Dr. Hwang, Soo Yeon (Global Foundation Chairman) created PIC mission to provide high quality education to Philippines and USA collaboration and his vision is to send many Filipino teachers worldwide to impart teaching knowledge. Chairman Hwang’s added “Global mind in international teaching education is a good cornerstone for the Philippines to develop more”

At present, PIC provides big scholarship grant to teachers in the Philippines. 

- PIC Occasion & Events Team


- Conglatulatory Speech for Class of 2017, Dr. Wilfredo Cabral


- PIC Faculty Members at IAC&CC 2017

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