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Online Education an Advanced Solution

Online Education is one of the most necessary yet undermined topics in the field of education. Online education is the process of attending college through internet. It basically means that a student can sit in his computer and earn college equivalent degree without even leaving their room. As marvelous as it sounds, online education courses are far from being taken in by the students. The traditional belief of education by person to person interaction seems to be one of many problems.

The world population is ever increasing, while schools and colleges are getting crowded. The concept of mass education compromises the quality of education. Students also travel to their respective colleges in their vehicles. The gasoline demands are forever increasing and with the growing population, it is set to get even higher than ever.

In such a scenario, online education courses serve as an efficient and easy way of minimizing such problems. Colleges are expensive as they have to encompass a large housing space for their dorms and classrooms. As a result, more barren land is created by demolishing forests which inevitably points toward the danger of global warming, climate change and many other problems. Online education courses also provide a solution to this problem. When students use such courses, there is no need to create huge housing spaces for college and dorms. Hence a large portion of the forest can remain unharmed.

Online education courses can also limit the flow of immigrant students who leave their country for education. As the colleges are less crowded, teachers will have a less student to deal with, enabling them to pay much closer attention to details, ensuring a higher quality of education. It can also help financially backward students to attend courses of their choice. As they can just stay at home and get education, the cost of travelling and accommodation can be saved.

However, online education courses also have disadvantages. For instance, the only medium to attain online courses is computer and internet, and you’ll have nothing in your hands if these mediums somehow get disrupted. Online education can also be annoying for some who do not want to sit on their computers for hours and take lessons.

Digital divide, lack of computer education and other factors can also make online education inaccessible. Meanwhile, electronic devices can also be distracting for some. Students might move on to playing online games or watching videos when they are studying online.
Although the concept of online education courses is promising, its implementation is complicated. Such courses can save time, money and fuel. But it is not a realistic idea for underdeveloped countries. People have yet to understand that education can also be completed beyond the four-walled classrooms.

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