MA Applied Music

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MA in Applied Music


The master degree in music performance or composition intended for instrumentalists, singers and composers, working within the classical genre. The course enables the students to further develop their artistic identity and individuality, and increase their ability to reflect upon their own work.

Program Objectives

The main objective of the program is to show the link between theoretical reflection and musical practice. The focus is on music as sound.


Program Description

The student given the opportunity to specialize in one or more topics relevant to his/her own performance or creative interests. Through oral and written expression, the student will become more aware of artistic issues to support his/her artistic practice. The master program benefits from a rich international environment and English used as instruction language.



The thesis must be an original piece of work on a chosen subject documented in writing and possibly, when appropriate, including sound. The applicant orientated and informed in the subject area in which he or she wishes to specialize.