MA Business Management

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This MA in Business Management degree program is ideal for the professional who wishes to advance in a management capacity in their field.


This specialty MA in Business Management prepares students for business management from both quantitative and qualitative aspects. International business and entrepreneurship topics are also included to give the student a well-rounded approach to business and management.
All streams within your MA in Business Management program will include:

  • Personal, academic and professional development.
  • Lectures and assessment methods that apply the business knowledge required students to perform as an effective manager in any organization.
  • Through extensive study of key issues in business theories students will be capable of evaluation and application of important global management issues which impact on organizational effectiveness and performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of global business, most especially on issues such as globalization, standardization and customization of products and services.
  • Skills and knowledge to inform you how an organization is best managed in a changing world.

With these in mind, the program designed to provide you with relevant knowledge, so that you are familiar with the latest theoretical and practical developments relating to business management and development.


Upon completion of the PIC online MA in Business Management degree program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and written
  • Establish and work within a budget
  • Recognize and overcome the obstacles facing new and growing companies
  • Supervise and motivate staff
  • Analyze financial data
  • Effectively review and evaluate staff performance
  • Utilize general knowledge of technological systems used in business applications
  • Manage projects from development and implementation to testing and results evaluation
  • Facilitate planning and strategy sessions
  • Determine the personnel and resource needs of an organization
  • Position the company for global interaction, taking into account cultural, financial and ethical differences
  • Apply critical-thinking and problem-solving techniques to administrative issues
  • Establish a professional network and identify resources for continued learning on effective management
  • Prepare and deliver effective presentations to staff, executives and clients



The award of MA in Business Management is synonymous worldwide with competency in the strategic management of a business. The complexity of a managerial role captured within the range of modules contained within this program. Graduates typically progress into positions of management across a diverse range of organizations, multinationals, domestically and internationally. Having gained expert knowledge in international business and trade, graduates take their place at the forefront of organizational leadership internationally.

Graduates of the MA in Business Management online degree program will be able to apply their knowledge to any field, including the finance, marketing, healthcare, educational, manufacturing, industrial, insurance, and non-profit and hospitality industries. Master's degree graduates typically use their credential to advance in the field in which they are currently working.

Below is a list of sample career titles, most of which require an MA in Business Management and related work experience:

  • Manager, Financial & Planning Analyst
  • Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
  • Sr. Project Leader
  • Project Controls Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Sr. Business Analyst