MA Color Therapy

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The MA in Color Therapy Education designed to provide students with knowledge of color and its scientific and psychological application in education, image management, treatment, and advertisement. Color applied to various field from personal lives to business creating distinguished and unique value as well as psychological remedy.

Students will join the module from a wide variety of backgrounds knowledge of education, color, and business start-up. They will be able to identify their own areas of strength in subjects and make further development. The module introduces the concepts of reflection and personal development planning in order to develop the student as a professional person and a life-long learner.



Students must earn 36 semester credit hours as a graduate student to earn the master of art in Color Therapy Education. The curriculum is a combination of required core courses in education, emphasis courses in color including major course to specialize in an area accordance with their interest and a research either thesis or graduate project.



  • Color Therapy and Aroma Therapy (MA-CTAT)
  • Psychology of Color and Career Aptitude Counseling (MA-PCCAC)
  • Color and Image Consultation (MA-CIC)
  • Childhood Color Education (MA-CCE)
  • Digital Advertisement and Science in Color (MA-DASC)
  • Food Therapy (MA-FT)



Individuals who graduate with a MA in Color Therapy Education will be able to continue their career as follows.

  • Color Therapist
  • Aroma Therapist
  • Aptitude and Career Counsellor
  • Advertisement Business Manager
  • Image consultant for individuals and brand making
  • Color Designer for business or Metro
  • Food Therapist