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The Master of Arts in Education major in Early Childhood Education (M.A.Ed.-ECE) designed to prepare teachers for specialized work in the education of young children. It provides teachers the opportunity to learn trends and issues in early childhood education and advance in their career as day care center directors and master teachers in Early Childhood Education.

A Master of Education in Early Childhood Education program can prepare a classroom teacher for an advanced role, such as lead or mentor teacher, or for transition to an administrative position, such as curriculum specialist. These programs geared toward those who work with prekindergarten students through second-graders in education, childcare and family support.

Master's degree programs in early childhood education might expand students' knowledge of constructionist, philosophies, educational policies, learning environments and educational materials. Most programs engage students with coursework focused around theories in child development and learning. Students participate in fieldwork or supervised internships to gain further knowledge in curriculum planning and instruction. Programs in early childhood education typically require students to write a thesis, especially if they plan to continue their education by pursuing a doctoral degree.



Applicants to M.A.Ed. in Early Childhood Education programs must typically have a bachelor's degree. Some programs prefer that applicants have experience in child development or other previous work experience with young children.



Throughout a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education program, students may explore educational issues and trends, as well as come to understand the needs of learners. Students delve into areas related to early childhood education, including mathematics, science, social studies, reading and arts. They may also study topics such as:

  • Education foundations
  • Child development
  • Childhood disabilities
  • Assessment
  • Children's literature



Individuals who graduate with M.A.Ed. in Early Childhood Education might continue to work as preschool teachers, elementary school teachers or childcare workers, or they could seek advanced careers like the following:

  • Childcare center director
  • Community college instructor
  • Head Start specialist
  • Parent educator



Graduates of Master of Education in Early Childhood Education programs might choose to continue their education by pursing a doctoral degree.