Art Education

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The MA program in Art Education gives students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be well-informed and reflective practitioners, teachers, and researchers. The program consists of a coherent pattern of courses and other educational experiences, either a research thesis or a final project, and a final oral examination.

The online Master of Arts degree major in Art Education prepares participants by guiding and developing their passion for teaching art into rewarding careers as Artist Teachers.
The curriculum, designed and taught by leading scholars in the field of art education, gives our students strategies and techniques to succeed. The optional on-campus studio component offers a rare chance to concentrate on artistic and personal growth.

The Master of Arts in Art Education designed to provide an immersive online learning environment for those who are passionate about enriching the lives of students through a relationship with art. It provides an integrated, relevant curriculum specifically for the "Artist Teacher" —those who seek to expand their artistic abilities to enrich their effectiveness as teachers of art. Students in the program share a belief that art has the power to impact lives and society in a positive manner, and that effective instruction in the arts is vital to the development and nourishment of children's lives—and to our culture.

The convenient online format enables students to benefit from the resources of a world-class college, without conflicting with day-to-day responsibilities in the classroom or at home. The Master of Arts major in Art Education provides artistic and educational instruction that enriches classroom pedagogy, while fostering original thought and creative curriculum development. Students graduate with instruction that is highly relevant and applicable to their own classrooms and overall career aspirations. The program major allows students to engage and interact in intensive, hands-on and process-oriented instruction within a supportive, creative, and intimate community of artists and art educators.

As an art educator, many individuals reach a point in their career where it's time to advance to the next level through further professional development. Students enables them to achieve their professional and academic goals in a time, cost, and manner that doesn't disrupt the continuity of their current professional lives. Students engage in an immersive artistic and academic experience designed to rekindle their personal relationship with art while providing the educational theory and techniques that successfully translate into the classroom.