Computer Education

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Computer Education major designed to train teachers, corporate trainers, media specialists and technology coordinators. Training is commonly provided in immerse education, e-learning, human performance and multimedia. Students can learn the methods used to evaluate and recommend computer software and hardware. They may learn how websites built, how to create multimedia and the process used to deliver e-learning training programs. Cognitive, social, cultural and educational issues explored.

Programs may focus on media design, computer education, software applications and research. Students usually complete a thesis or senior project for graduation. Topics may include:

  • Object-oriented theory and programming
  • Technology and cognitive issues
  • Computers and cognition
  • Technology and social issues
  • Educational practice and design
  • Educational research evaluation
  • Instructional graphics design
  • Distance learning
  • Computer authoring tools
  • Video technology in education


Popular Career Options

Successful completion of such a program can prepare a graduate for work in the fields of e-learning, media development, corporate training or schools. Job titles may include:

  • Teachers at the PK-12 school level
  • Educational video producer
  • Web developer
  • Technology trainer
  • Media development specialist