Music Education

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The main Goal of the program is to strengthen your current skill sets and ultimately enhance your existing professional path. Potential career outcomes include:

  • Increase in salary
  • Promotion in current position or to a new position
  • College-level teaching potential
  • Discover new career opportunities

For students looking to earn a master's degree online, there are several reasons to choose Masters in Music education program at Pacific InterContinental College (PIC). Whether you seek to gain practical knowledge, want to reach a new pay scale that comes with higher education or hope to enhance your current career in music education, the PIC's Master of Music program lets you do so at your convenience, without ever setting foot on campus.



The program designed for music educators like you to increase and expand your knowledge in music education in order to meet your career goals. It geared toward teachers who desire to study with recognized, experienced leaders in music education, but needs flexibility of time and location that our online graduate degree program provides. With program is oriented to help achieve your goals:

  • Enhance your current career with the prestige of a degree from a nationally accredited school
  • Gain in-depth, comprehensive and practical knowledge of choral, instrumental and general music that builds upon your current teaching experience
  • Reach a higher level of pay



The online program emphasizes the practical application of knowledge in your music class. The focus is on the music education curriculum in choral, instrumental and general music. Courses in technology, theory, music history, and world music geared to their contemporary application in the K-12 music classroom.



In addition, the online program allows you to network with your professional peers, providing you with great contracts and even new career opportunities. Graduate students who earned a master's degree can explore in musical studies in depth, and take away key learning outcomes that include advanced studies in the teaching of general music, choral music or instrumental music with the option of pursuing the third as well. An understanding of the use and application of it creates impact in music teaching and learning. Music knowledge and expertise from a global perspective, comprehensive understanding of music education from the perspective of sociology, psychology, philosophy, history and comparative curricula. Knowledge of music history and theory with practical application to all areas of music teaching and understanding and application of methodology in quantitative and qualitative music research applicable to your area of teaching.

Its mission is to train students to pursue careers in the contemporary music industry, including performance, composition and business.

Candidates of this program should at least hold a bachelors' degree of any course. Some of the job opportunities for this program are as follows: conductor, musical director, teachers, arranger/composers, voice coach, and professional singer.