Speech Communication

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Master's degree in speech communication focuses on interpersonal and intercultural communication issues, organizational management, journalism and business issues, such as negotiation. This program prepares students for careers in public relations or other communication-based jobs, readies students for teaching at the college level and provides groundwork for entering a doctoral speech communication program.

On the completion of the program, students will be able to define the basic principles of speech communication and factors of negotiation as human interaction. They will be able to interpret and explain theoretical perspectives related to speaker/communicator vs. listener/audience relationships and negotiation process approach. They will be able to support the perspectives by examples. Students will learn the key concepts of intercultural communication and thereafter they can define and classify the concepts in key terms supported by explanations and examples.

Communication negotiation skills: Students will be able to plan informative and persuasive outline plans for presentations and speeches. They will be able to apply the outline plans for presentations. They apply different verbal and visual support. Students will produce a negotiation plan, present the objectives of the plan in a multi-party group, and make decisions and compromises with group members.

Prospective students need an accredited baccalaureate degree to admit. The program offerings of the course include the following:

  • group communication
  • interpersonal communication
  • rhetoric theory
  • persuasion principles
  • intercultural conflict
  • communication theory

Speech communication students need to complete a thesis or research paper before they can graduate the master's degree program in speech communication.

Being a communication teacher is the career for graduates of the master's degree in speech communication program. This type of job allows employees to teach courses in communications, including journalism and radio broadcasting!