Theology Education

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Theology is the study of religious beliefs, practices and traditions. This program focuses on Christianity. A Master of Arts in Theology Education allows students to seek high-level research and teaching positions as theologians.
This degree prepares students for educational or teaching purposes in leadership in a wide range of vocations by cultivating skills in the study and interpretation of Scripture. It enables students to fashion a systematic theological framework, and develop an understanding of the origin and growth of the Christian tradition in all its richness and diversity.

A Master of Arts in Theology Education program teach students various political and social histories of religion. Provide analysis of religious and theological concepts and use this knowledge for teaching as an educator. Theology Education master's degree programs are generally intended for students who have a background in theology education and religion and who wish to strengthen their knowledge of theology. Students usually complete a thesis based on a specific aspect of theology, such as pastoral theology, Bible exposition or systematic theology.

Students in this program should desire to be well prepared biblically and theologically in a very flexible program to be educators and to serve in the church more effectively.



To enroll in a master's degree in theology education program, students must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Students need to submit official transcripts and other admission requirements for evaluation.



A Master of Arts in Theology Education program offers courses on Biblical history, Christian beliefs and traditions, analysis of religious and theological theories and comparative religious studies. In theology courses, students learn the important social, economic and political influences of Christianity on society. Most courses are research-based and allow students to complete independent studies outside of the classroom.