Music Education

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BSGED Music Education



Music Education Major provides students a wide range of opportunities to learn about music and grow as a performers. Our instructors bring a wealth of diverse skills and approaches to their teaching. Their shared teaching goals includes:

  • Giving students a solid foundation all facets of music;
  • Providing a range of performance and creative opportunities;
  • Offering diverse music theory and digital music courses; and
  • Creating a dynamic, rich learning environment for students to pursue their passion for music education.



Music Education curriculum is modeled on the best features of a music conservatory but, small enough to offer personal attention.

Music lessons constitute two credits, and are graded. It carries the additional requirement of taking a music theory course during the first or second semester of study, and performing in a College ensemble for the first four semesters of study. Students must audition for lessons, demonstrating at least a moderate facility with their instrument.

Beginning vocalists and pianists can take Basic Vocal Skills or Basic Keyboard Skills that are one-credit lessons designed for students with minimal background. Each one require a music theory course as either a prerequisite or parallel registration. Whether you are contemplating a career in music or simply enjoy learning and making music, the department is here for you.
The Music Education Major aims to achieve a local and regional position of distinction and brilliance in teaching music. It also seeks to cooperate with and contribute to the richness and diversity of world music. Department's mission is to provide a precise academic program in the field of music covering its various branches such as musical performance, playing on instruments, and singing. The program aspires to provide the students with both theoretical as well as practical background that is academically sufficient and practically adequate. Moreover, our goal is to equip the students with the necessary advanced technical and professional skills in the various areas of sophisticated musical performance.
Knowledge in this field shall definitely provide students with opportunities to explore in different aspects of music in greater depth, as a preliminary to a more specialized study. The program will serve as a good foundation in molding the students to become a sought after individual in this field possessing a virtually outstanding personality.

For students, music is not just a hobby; it is a career. You can choose where your heart is from music education, performance, music business, healthcare, worship, music production, music technology, music publishing, and musical theater. These are the options to take after completing the program. Also, music education can have a profession as vocal and instrumental music teachers, music supervisor, administrator, librarian, vocalist, conductor, band-amateur or professional, composer, arranger, accompanist, choir director, producer, manager, music therapist, speech pathologist, critic, producer and editor. Our faculties are here to guide you in your line of journey.