PhD Color Therapy

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The Philosophy of Doctor in Color Therapy Education program will present students an educational and practical approach encompassing color science, color psychology, color management for everyday life and business. Color has been a topic of intense interest and inquiry for over hundreds of years. PhD in Color Therapy Education provides diversity of application to almost every area giving students a broad exposure to the field of education, color and business.

Applicants will acquire knowledge and practical skills to afford them the unique opportunity of specializing in an area and continue their professional study appropriate for their background and interest without interrupting their contemporary careers. They will have a chance to make further development and specialize their careers for their future.



Students must earn 54 semester credit hours to earn the Doctor of Philosophy in Color Therapy and Education. The curriculum is a combination of required core courses in education and color including major course to specialize in area accordance with their interest. All students must pass a qualifying examination, which determines whether the student has a sufficient depth of knowledge in color therapy and education and the ability to perform research at the doctoral level.



  • Color Therapy and Aroma Therapy (MA-CTAT)
  • Psychology of Color and Career Aptitude Counseling (MA-PCCAC)
  • Color and Image Consultation (MA-CIC)
  • Childhood Color Education (MA-CCE)
  • Digital Advertisement and Science in Color (MA-DASC)
  • Food Therapy (MA-FT)



Individuals who graduate with a MA in Color Therapy and Education will be able to continue their career as follows.

  • Color Therapist
  • Aroma Therapist
  • Aptitude and Career Counselor
  • Advertisement Business
  • Image consultant for individuals and brand making
  • Color Designer for business or cities
  • Food Therapist