Theology Education

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PhD.ELM - Theology Education


A PhD-ELM major in Theology Education is available for theologians looking to increase their academic qualifications. A doctoral degree in theology allows theologians and religious scholars to pursue advanced teaching and research positions with theological and historical organizations, universities and religious schools. This terminal degree prepares graduates for leadership and managerial positions, including expert teacher for pastors, priests, missionaries, or being a school/seminary professor or head teacher.
Individuals aspiring to enter the clergy or teach at a seminary, college or university find a Ph.D. program in biblical or renewal studies to be a good foundation. Comprised of religious and philosophical studies, the curriculum covers such topics as New and Old Testament, bible exposition and global Christianity. Seminars, readings and research culminate in a student's dissertation. Prerequisites include a master's degree in a related field, such as religion or philosophy.
This PhD-ELM major in Theology Education program highlights Christian religion as a whole and other areas of concentration. Theology Education major prepares students for academic positions and often incorporate teaching practices into the curriculum. Theology Education program in this level also emphasize research and critical reflection. Students will conduct independent research and craft a dissertation, which they need to successfully defend in order to qualify for graduation.


Program Information and Requirements:

Students need computer and Internet access to use the online class management systems. Instructors combine traditional texts with audio and video presentations. At the end of the program, students must pass written and oral examinations and defend their dissertation.