Social Welfare

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Bachelor of Science Education, Major in Social Welfare, focuses on preparing the general skills of a social worker so that graduates are prepared to work with a variety of clients, in a variety of settings. Baccalaureate-level social workers work in a variety of settings ranging from schools to child welfare, to mental health services and including case management, client advocacy, and counseling interventions.



  • To provide access to social work education to students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses, and prepare students for future professional development and graduate study.
  • To prepare baccalaureate-level social workers for culturally-sensitive, generalist practice in an interconnected world.
  • To promote understanding of urban and global social problems while preparing professional workers to empower, advocate, and otherwise meet the needs of marginalized populations and work for social change.

The curriculum is conceptualized as embodying three interrelated fields of study: core knowledge ( knowledge and information explaining social work orientation); practice knowledge (knowledge of specific practice skills, techniques, environments and client circumstances); and, application that is knowledge informed by the interplay between the core and practice bases and real life situations and experiences.

The BSGED Major in Social Welfare provides strong preparation for many careers in child welfare services, developmental disabilities, drug and alcohol programs, services to the aged, family services and in elementary and secondary schools. The degree also serves as a useful pre-professional major for education, law, public health, public policy, and related fields.



* The Social Work Program will not accept or give academic credit for life experiences or previous work experiences.