Speech Communication

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Pacific InterContinental College (PIC)'s Speech Communication Major delivers a high quality speech education program designed to prepare students to effectively communicate. PIC online courses satisfy the needs of a widely diverse student population. Students are able to take speech communication courses to meet the General Education requirements and transfer academic credits in other major/concentration programs such as but not limited to; Oral Communication, Humanities, Critical Thinking and Social Sciences. Courses can be taken as either traditional 18-week courses or condensed 9-week courses. The 9-week courses are offered in a traditional format or in a hybrid format (50% on-line; 50% live).



The best jobs in the world will be filled by workers who can READ, WRITE, COMPUTE, COMMUNICATE, and THINK. Communication studies is the academic discipline that studies communication; sub-disciplines include theories of communication, group communication, information theory, intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, marketing, organizational communication, propaganda, public affairs, public relations, speech communications, and telecommunications.



AREAS OF CAREER: Advertising, Book Publishing, News Paper Publishing, Magazine Publishing, Television, Journalist, Radio, Public Relations and Technical Writing.



A graduate of Speech Communication can work in sales, newspaper publication, TV or radio stations; Can acquire student-run business experience; Find internships at market research firms; Demonstrate talent, persistence, assertiveness, competitive spirit, and enthusiasm; Compile writing portfolios, work on graphics and ideas for creative departments; Acquire computer knowledge/experience for media; Necessary in statistics, data interpretation, and writing experience for research.

Whether you are at work or at home, interacting in romantic relationships or across cultures, managing or leading others, communication lies at the heart of your professional and personal life. The Department of Education and Language will prepare you to communicate more competently. The program intends to educate students to assume positions of leadership in speech communication, and to use theory and practice to help them explore how and why people communicate, and the effects of communication on individuals, groups, organizations and societies. It seeks to promote civic engagement, encourage ethical practices, foster respect for human diversity, and inspire students to create and talk with clarity, integrity, and conviction.

Upon completing this program , the students will have developed communicative skills to effectively take part in situations, self-confidence through effective communication in the working environment and for academic work, be fully equipped with communicative skills and strategies appropriate for meaningful and constructive participation, and be trained to express their thoughts and opinions in correct, idiomatic speech.

PIC speech communication courses range from public speaking and interpersonal communication, to health communication and organizational communication. In each set of courses, you will learn the skills that will make the difference.

Graduates of this course may choose from some of the following career options: communication teacher/instructor, language consultant, writer, journalist, and broadcaster.