Foreign Applicants


Welcome Foreign Applicants!

Every PIC-USA International student will need to visit PIC-USA and its affiliate campus for offline lectures and intensive tutorials in the English language, every semester.

Learn English language intensively and experience USA travel, its diverse culture and take an offline community exam!

We strongly believe that diversity promotes freedom of thought, innovation and creativity, and a broader spectrum of learning. We welcome the diversity that International Students will bring to our e-campus. Admission to PIC-USA considers many factors such as your national system of education, the type of institution you attended, the quality of your achievement, and the suitability of preparation for your proposed program of studies. We also consider your level of English language proficiency. If you have had an irregular academic background or have been out of school for three or more years, and feel that you would be successful at PIC-USA, please submit a detailed description of your specific qualifications.



  • The Registration Application
  • High School transcript
  • Secondary School Report
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • SAT or ACT w/ writing test scores
  • Home School Supplement (if applicable)
  • International Supplement (if applicable)


While each application receives a comprehensive, individualized review, we do provide statistics regarding our "average" admitted student.