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College Introduction


Pacific InterContinental College (PIC) takes pride and pleasure in offering you the best value for your money in online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, anywhere in the world, even as you multitask with your work in the office or at home, or wherever you are! Even if you are a home-based entrepreneur, an office worker, a day-shift or night-shift worker, or a disabled person, no matter your station in life, provided you are a high school graduate or a college graduate, you are qualified to study at PIC at the least possible cost, with an internationally recognized diploma in the field of study of your choice at the end of your program.

We are delighted to offer you courses while you continue other aspects of your life. Learning resources are no longer concentrated solely in schools, but are universally available from various sources (e.g. electronic mail, video, telephone, audio conferencing, voice mail and personal computers) which are today’s powerful tools of communication in this new environment of the Information Age.

PIC, with several years of experience to draw upon, uses a variety of delivery methods to give you the highest quality education with the luxury of working at your own speed, in your own time. PIC gives you the maximum luxury, in terms of flexibility and portability, to attain the online degree courses at your own pace. It is an amazing, degree-providing educational experience worth trying, in an effort to achieve your goals.


PIC is authorized and duly-accredited by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to offer and provide online full educational degree courses and programs at your convenience; even in the comfort of your homes, offices, or wherever you may be and at your most convenient time. It is because we believe that in today’s world, an educational degree can also be effectively acquired outside and beyond the four corners of the traditional classroom set-up, making it a seamless transnational education provider (STEP). In short, it is your “STEP towards your future”.


PIC has wide network of global educational affiliates, consisting of reputable universities and colleges offering undergraduate and graduate courses through a tested and proven system of online distance education, using the correspondence mode, as part of a well-directed approach to education in collaboration with known educational institutions and professors all over the world.

You can now access and learn through simple mouse clicks and touch screen solutions at www.pic.edu.ph. Through cutting edge technology, experience a world of difference in internationally-accredited educational degrees at your comfort and convenience, no matter how busy your schedule is. You can be sure you’re getting quality education at your convenience.

Educational Institution under PIC Global Foundation

  • PIC, USA (License via Council for Post-Secondary Higher Education Institution Certification, USA)
  • UCDI, California, USA (BPPE.CA.GOV)
  • PIC Elementary, Middle, High school (Licensed by USA Government)
  • PIC, Philippines (CHED Certification/Permit/Recognition)
  • PIC International Academy (English Tutorial, Camp, Alternative School)
  • Shanghai University of Int’l Business and Economy (Dual Degree Program)
  • PIC – Hapdong Theological College and Seminary (Korea)

Undoubtedly, Your Great Future Begins HERE at Pacific InterContinental College. Enroll Today!


Get a special opportunity to receive both PIC and PIC USA degree (Consortium degree) at the same time by taking the affiliated courses offered by PIC-USA. PIC-USA is an affiliated organization operated by PIC Global Foundation that was registered, authorized and licensed by the U.S. government in 2002. It may operates web-based elementary to post-secondary educational institutions which is according to the ‘Agreement for Dual Degree or Joint Degree Program’ upon the request of the student with PIC. Should there be any questions, please contact us for further details.


We provide vast resources and references of information online. All you need is an account to login and your free to download vast of resources of e-books and journals online. Look into our online resources tab and go to portal then click school management system.

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