Faculty and Staff

At Pacific InterContinental College (PIC) we take extra care in our students’ academic advancement throughout their online college years with us. Our Administrative Department is composed of professional educators who have established a niche in their respective previous areas of specialization, bringing with them their wealth of professional education expertise and their adeptness and adaptability to the fast-changing technological environment.

Our Online Faculty Members are well grounded and well established in their long years of professional experience, continuing research and excellent academic credentials. As known and active players in their respective professional fields, you can be sure of their passion and dedication towards bringing out the best of you, in your chosen field of study. They will, therefore, make your online learning experience with PIC fun and fulfilling. They are backed up and supported by our well-experienced and technologically-savvy, technical support staff who maintain and update our vast selection of well-known authorities in your field of endeavor and study, and our library of online books and references, for information that you can rely on and conveniently access with a single click on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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