“The degree I received from PIC opened many career doors for me. One of those thus far was my promotion as the Sports Director/PE Curriculum Head in one of the international schools here in China. My PIC degree was expeditiously authenticated by the Commission on Higher Education Manila and was verified by the Chinese Embassy, which enables me to apply job anywhere here with ease. This could not have happened without PIC.”

Ronald San Juan / China
Master of Arts in Education Graduate
Pacific InterContinenal College.

“Choosing PIC is so far one of the best decisions I ever made, thanks to the help and recommendation of my good friend who knows the edge of PIC among its counterparts in the country. Studying my PhD in Educational Leadership and management program becomes doable because of the flexible curriculum program that PIC have for its students. Apart from that, I also got to work with warm and supportive faculty and staff of the institution that makes my whole experience enjoyable. Learning becomes personalized and goals becomes attainable at PIC! ”

Maria Leonora Delos Santos / USA
PhD Student
Pacific InterContinenal College.

“I’ve always dreamed of pursuing my higher studies but it seemed difficult because I am based in the Middle East. Until one day during my vacation in the Philippines, I stumbled upon Pacific Intercontinental College. Being an academic institution that provides transnational education, my dream of getting a PhD is now becoming a reality with PIC. Distance is not a problem with their helpful staff and I’ve really learned a lot studying at PIC.”

Doryl Sequena-Cabiao / Middle East
PhD Student
Pacific InterContinenal College.

“I am currently taking a Master of Arts in Education major in English Education at PIC. As a student taking an online course, it is extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time but PIC makes it possible for me to pursue my studies while I am abroad teaching and expanding my horizons in my field as an educator. I was truly impressed by the level of support and the structure of the online courses and professors offered, though, that I decided to pursue my degree here. Added to this, their modules allow you to work at your own phase and they are prompt in responding to any queries at all times. I am so thankful to be part of this program. I have learned so much and I cannot imagine reading, let alone executing lessons at hand without the theories and practical applications I have acquired through this program.”

Roe Anne Ledesma Rodriguez / Bahrain
Master of Arts in Education major in English Education
Pacific InterContinenal College.

“I am Lee Min Young, a graduate of PIC – Bachelor in General Education in 2016. After graduating, I entered Yonsei University Graduate School of Economics and received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration which enabled and helped me manage a food business now.
The biggest advantage I was able to take high quality classes in Korea. The professors’ lectures were of high quality which immensely helped me in my English education and skills. Moreover, another advantage was the ability to obtain a degree in accordance with my own competency and away from the curriculum of existing domestic universities. In my case, I was currently working. It was good to be able to work and study at the same time on my own time.
Back then, I visited PIC during the graduation ceremony. I was surprised by the large scale of the institution and the number of alumni. The passion of students studying there remains a good memory of mine.

The world opens up many opportunities. I would not be able to live the life I had if I had stuck with the existing framework. I hope that you will be able to use your skills and speciality as a weapon that will enable you to experience and receive opportunities. Thank you.”

“안녕하세요 저는 PIC졸업생 이민영입니다. 2016년 PIC를 졸업 후 연세대학교 경제대학원에 입학하여 석사학위를 수여 받았습니다. 그 후 현재는 건강식품 관련 사업을 진행하고 있습니다. 국내에서도 해외의 질 높은 수업을 받을 수 있었다는 것이 가장 큰 장점이었습니다. 교수님들의 수준 높은 강의와 그 수업을 받기 위해 본인이 영어교육에 매진하여야 한다는 것이 스스로의 발전에 도움이 되었습니다.

기존 국내 대학의 커리큘럼에 벗어나 본인의 역량에 따라 빠르게 학위를 수여할 수 있다는 것 또한 강점이었습니다. 저 같은 경우 그 당시 직장에 다니고 있었는데 본인의 노력 여하에 따라 일과 학업을 병행할 수 있어 좋았습니다.

저 같은 경우 졸업식 때 PIC본교를 방문하였는데 상상 이상의 큰 규모와 많은 동문들의 수에 놀랐습니다. 현지에서 공부하는 학생들의 열정도 잊혀지지 않는 좋은 기억으로 남아있습니다.^^

새로운 세상과 기회가 열려있다는 것을 꼭 기억해주시기 바랍니다. 저 역시 기존의 틀 안에 갇혀있었다면 지금과 같은 삶을 살지 못했을 것입니다. 남들과는 다른 기회와 경험을 무기로 본인만의 특별함을 갖길 바라겠습니다.”

Lee Min Young / Korea
BS General Education – PIC
Master’s Degree – Yonsei University
PhD Program – PIC

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