(632) 478 77 10 pic1@pic.edu.ph
Beginning of 2023 January Term

  • Term begins on January 2023

Application Deadline

  • January 31 2023

*All required documents should be submitted before the end of application period

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Transcript and Certificate of Graduation from previously attended school
  • 2 copies of passport photo
  • Copy of Government-issued ID
  • Resume (required for graduate program)
  • Receipt of Application Fee Payment

How To Apply

  • Use “Online Enrollment” in PIC website (Click Here), and then send all required documents to pic1@pic.edu.ph.
  • Print and fill out the application form and email the application form along with the rest of required documents to pic1@pic.edu.ph
  • NOTE: Application Fee should be paid for Transcript Evaluation

Available Degree Program

  • Visit “Academics” tab in PIC website (www.pic.edu.ph) for open program information.

Rules on Tuition Fee REFUND.Section 100. Refunds and Other Charges. Unless otherwise provided by Institutional policies, rules and regulations, a student who transfers or withdraws, in WRITING, within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes, and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than One (1) month, may be charged.

25% of the total amount due for the school term if he widthraws within the first week of classes.

50% if within the second week of classes, regardless of wether or not he has actually attended classes.

The student may be charged for ALL THE SCHOOL FEES IN FULL if he withdraws anytime after AFTER the SECOND WEEK of classes.

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