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How to Apply


Online enrollment is the easiest and fastest way to apply. Simply follow these steps for your enrollment:

  • Step 1: Filling of Application Form- You can fill out the application online or download and print the application form. Online Forms Downloadable Forms *if you have decided to download the application form, please email the filled up form to pic1@pic.edu.ph . Wait for our response email within 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.
  • Step 3: Payment of Tuition Fee- Once your documents have been verified, we will email you the details needed to pay your tuition fee. If you choose the bank deposit method, please email the receipt to pic1@pic.edu.ph and wait for our confirmation within the day. We Also Accept Credit/Debit Card Payment Through Paypal.

    (*) Those who would choose this method, please send an email to pic1@pic.edu.ph, thank you! 
  • Step 4: Start our Class- Once your payment has been completed and verified, we will submit to you, your Official Receipt, Student ID, and your account details for your virtual classroom.


Undergraduate Programs

  • Freshmen Applicants: High school graduate or equivalent
  • Transfer Applicants: Completion of 60 academic credits or equivalent

Graduate Programs

  • Master’s Applicants: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Doctoral Applicants: Master’s degree or equivalent

Application Deadline

Pacific InterContinental College operates in 3 academic terms (January Term, May Term, September Term) in one year. Exceptional student can finish academic credits equivalent to 4 academic terms in one year.

January Term: December 15th
May Term: April 15th
September Term: August 15th

Required Documents

Applicants need to submit all required documents by the appropriate deadline in order to receive a full consideration from Pacific InterContinental College. * This documents needed adobe reader to open, you may download it here.

  1. Application Form
    • You can download application form here.
    • English Application Form
    • Korean Application Form
    • Japanese Application Form
    • Chinese Application Form
    • Arab Application Form
    • Spanish Application Form
  2. Final School Transcript and Certificate of Graduation
  3. Resume (only for graduate program applicants)
  4. Application Fee
  5. Copy of Government Issued Photo ID
  6. 5 Passport Photos For questions or concerns, please contact us at inquire@www.pic.edu.ph or fill up the Online Inquiry Form.
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