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Leadership Advisers

Ph.D KWON CHUL HYUN Former Korean Ambassador in Japan, Congressman
Ph.D CHAE IL BYUNG Former U.S.C visiting professor in USA, Congressman
Ph.D KIM YOUNG DAL President- Digital Seoul Culture Art University
Ph.D LIM WOOJIN Vice Mayor- Metropolitan City
Ph.D PARK LEY HARK Head of the Seoul Metropolitan Council
Ph.D KANG DONG HO President- Seoul University of Foreign Studies
Ph.D KIM JIN SOO Professor of Konkuk University(Adviser)
Ph.D CHOI MIN SU Head of the Association for Future Early Childhood Education
Ph.D LIM YONG JU Former President- South Korea National Open University
Ph.D CHANG SEOK BAE PIC Professor and PhD in Economics
Ph.D NAM DUK SUN Dean of Seoul City University
Ph.D LEE KYOUNG YOUNG Dean of Kyonggi University
Ph.D LEE KANG HAN Online Foreign Student Affairs Director
Ph.D LEE HO MIN Ph.D in University of Cologne, Germany
Ph.D LIM HO YEON Ph.D in American University and Dean of Seminary
Ph.D LEE SANG HO Former President of Trade Association in Arizona, USA
Ph.D LEE YONG YOON President of Chongshin College
Ph.D SONG SEUNG HO PIC Chaplain and Visiting Professor
Ph.D YANG KOOK JIN Professor in Honam University
Ph.D KYUNG-MI KIM CEO/Color Consultant of Color Code Cooperation
Ph.D LEE JAE SUK Chief Director of PIC UCDI , Ph.D in theology
Ph.D KIM YOUNGHO Ph.D in Public Administration of Cheonnam National University
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