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Dear Students,

As President of the Pacific InterContinental College (PIC)- Philippines, I am committed to the PIC vision and mission to provide excellent quality higher education services as a key factor in the development of a sustainable global community. My experience stands the test of time as President in the field of Education, I have had encountered many challenges which make me more educated to face the different issues in the conduct and operating programs via transnational education (TNE).

We prioritize our students to have their access to quality higher education because they are the driving force for change and innovation in public and private sectors and in civil society; they are the future decision-makers.

Higher Education is tasked with the mandate to equip them with the academic, critical, and creative thinking skills and competences they will need to lead society in the right direction.

A native Filipina by heart, I am joyful and fulfilled to help our students attain their goal to triumph amidst difficulties of life. I have personally benefited from PIC knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. Indeed, it offers a unique forum for university and college leaders to learn from each other globally and locally. It also provides unique support in taking full advantage of higher education internationalization processes and opportunities.

PIC as a front liner in the delivery online programs is doing the best by working diligently to develop new facilities and technology that can provide our students with the best possible academic opportunities. Our plan for expansion includes providing an increase in space for educating, while also strategically aligning ourselves to reach all places around the globe. At the PIC, the students, regardless of where they are at in life, but who aspire to acquire education at a time and place of their choice, will be immensely benefited. I would always see to it that PIC will promote by heart, equal learning opportunities for all, irrespective of your status in life.

I encourage you to visit our classrooms and learn more about the opportunities available to you at Pacific InterContinental College (PIC). Additionally, to experience the warm hospitality of our professorial lecturers.


Pacific InterContinental College (PIC)- Philippines

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