Campus Environment

PIC Virtual Campus

PIC iCampus serves as an online campus environment that offers multiple educational services that can be found on the webpage’s menu. One of these services is the Virtual Classroom which contains the student’s modules and lectures created by their professors. This webpage, iCampus, can be accessed by the enrolled students anytime and anywhere!

Pacific InterContinental College – USA (PIC USA)

Pacific InterContinental College – USA (PIC USA) is a private, online institution in consortium with PIC Philippines that was founded and licensed in the year 2002, to begin operating in an online post-secondary educational institution.

PIC USA is purely an online university. All PIC functions are conducted on web basis to provide flexibility in time, location and affordable tuition fee to PIC students. PIC students can learn wherever available for the Internet. There is no big campus – virtual class rooms allow students participate in developing and transferring interactive knowledge.

PIC Phils. and BTS Campus

PIC Phils., one of major allied institutions, is dedicated to providing the best support for every student. To promote an integrated effort in the administration of the college, PIC staff coordinates his/her activities with their students when such action is needed. The school maintains effective relations with faculty, students, community, and other educational institutions, to exercise college policies and programs accurately and constructively. PIC also collaborates with Blessed Trinity School.


Architecture has the ability to enhance an everyday experience which can leave a lasting impact on one’s perceived memory of a place. This new PIC building (“Tomorrow and Healing Hall”), can serve as a venue for Worship and Cultural interaction, companionship, travel for professors and students in the Philippines and USA, etc.. More so, a place for transnational education experience. This is located in the Central Area of Seoul, Korea.

Bird’s Eye Perspective

Pacific InterContinental College Transnational Education Provider in the USA since 2002

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