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How can I apply for USA degree program?
In accordance with joint degree program agreement between PIC Philippines and PIC USA, students can get the joint degree PIC Philippine and PIC USA. Student is advised to apply before starting the class and student should submit application form and joint degree fee.
How do I apply to study at PIC?
You can apply at PIC via Online Enrollment page or contact the Administrative Office to receive proper application documents.


How do I know what courses are available?

PIC offers Bachelor’s (General Education), Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Speech Communication, Social Welfare, Educational Management, Music Education, Physical Education, English Education, Real Estate Education, Computer Education, Art Education and Theology Education. We also offer additional major degrees from PIC foreign affiliate university through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Business Administration, Early Childhood Education, Real Estate, Color Therapy and Theology. Pacific InterContinental College (PIC) transnational education courses are listed in PIC website ( under academic menu for the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. You can also check with the distance education hotlines at (714) 469-0691 or email at

Tuition Fees and other Payments

How much is the tuition fee for the bachelor’s program, master’s program or doctoral program?
Tuition fee varies depending on your academic program, major, and nationality. Please contact PIC Administrative Office through e-mail and/or by phone.


What are the requirements that will be needed for me to get a copy of Transcript of Records from PIC?
The requirements that will be needed to get a copy of Transcript of Records from PIC are the following:


  • Original Copy of Transcript of Records from the previous school with remarks: (For PIC copy/for further studies purposes only)
  • Photocopy of Marriage Contract (for Female only)
  • Scanned copy of PRC ID or DepEd ID (if applicable)
  • Application Form
  • 2×2 ID Picture white background
  • Full payment of tuition fee (on all terms)
  • Complete grades from Professorial Lecturers


When will I get my official transcript of records from PIC?
You can get your official Transcript of Records after complete whole course work. It takes two (2) weeks to 1 month from filing your application.
Will I receive my certificate of grades every semester?
Yes, you will receive your official certificate of grades through online at the end of each semester.


How and when can I withdraw from the online distance education?
You must follow the standard online request procedures for adding or dropping a course. Students should make sure that they are familiar with the standard operating procedures when registering for online education course’s.
How do I know what textbooks I will need for my class?
Textbook information is available at the PIC e-bookstore. Students taking courses with PIC may order their textbooks online at via the PIC e-bookstore for fast and efficient delivery.
What do I do if I have trouble contacting my instructor?
Instructors are not online 24/7 and should be given a reasonable time to respond to student’s emails or phone calls. If you have tried contacting your instructor and received no response within 48 hours, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including your full name and email address, the name of the instructor and course number, and a brief explanation of when and how you tried to contact the instructor. For technical problems, you can contact the PIC technical team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Chat support is also available. You can find it under the CONTACT AND INQUIRIES menu or on the left side of this page: Online Support.
How do I get to know who my Academic Adviser is?
You will get to know your Academic Adviser once you have completed your enrollment registration for the semester. That is, upon accomplishing all your documentary requirements and full payment of your tuition fee.
How do I submit my homework and take exams in a Virtual Classroom?
Generally, you can send in virtual classroom or email your homework and exams to your instructor.
Can I take PIC’s online higher education course if I don’t have access to the Internet?
No, you cannot, but you can visit and access the Internet at your local Internet Cafe’s, local Library’s, and hourly Online Computer Shop’s.
What computer skills do I need to have in order to use the PIC online education program?
If you are using Word Processing software and able to copy and paste text, email an attached document, and research for information on the Internet, you have enough computer skills to take any of our online education courses.
How would I benefit from the PIC transnational (including online) educational system?
At PIC, you are assured of the following benefits and advantages:

  • It is possible for the students to receive a joint degree through a consortium between the U.S. and the Philippines (U.S. degree will be conferred only by student request).
  • It is possible for the students to attend lectures and take examinations online, and for students whose native language is not English, students can study with the assistance of PIC.
  • An Academic Adviser who speaks the student’s native language may guide that student’s education until the student graduates from PIC.
  • It is possible for the students to earn degrees with affordable tuition fee payment options.
  • It is possible for the students to graduate early (students can finish 3 terms per year without breaks).
  • All registered students at PIC can take free English classes to master the English language, regardless of their native languages.
  • It is possible for the students who graduated in education-related majors may take the teacher employment test in the USA and Philippines by satisfying other requirements, and may become a teacher in the United States and the Philippines accordingly. And then may become a professor after getting MA & Ph.D degree
  • It is possible for the students to earn a dual degree from PIC and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) in 3 years.
What is Transnational Education?
Transnational Education provides various good program from foreign universities through face-to-face, e-learning, and blended.

Pacific InterContinental College Transnational Education Provider in the USA since 2002

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